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5 Reasons Why People Like Rice

Being one of the largest found grains in the world, there is hardly anyone who can escape the temptation of having rice. Especially if you are an Indian, then at some point in time you surely would have had rice in your meal. Apart from all the information doing rounds on the internet that would suggest you quit rice, there are many reasons to not do so.

Do you know Americans are the largest consumer of rice followed by Arabs and Asians? That’s quite a large number, isn’t it? Well, no wonder rice still tops the list of favourite and most consumed grains followed by wheat and maize. If you too are wondering what actually makes this humble grain the fondest part of their cuisine, this blog will make an excellent read for you. So, let's unearth the reasons why people like rice. Here we go:

1) It is programmed in our psychology and physiology

This directly corresponds to what you have been fed since childhood. As a toddler and infant if you are fed with rice or your diet comprises of rice, you tend to form a liking for the same. A lot also depends on the geography where you reside. In India, rice is found in plenty in plains of South, North, and East. Thus, it makes part of their staple diet.

2) Prepared in different variants

This is yet another USP of rice, that makes it extremely likable. This humble grain can be prepared in different variations. From lemon rice to coconut rice, fried rice, biryanis, the list goes on. Besides, if you have a sweet tooth, then you won't be able to miss the taste it adds to the kheer. Moreover, you can just mix rice with any liquid, or spices and you will have a variety to try out. You can eat it as Khichdi during fast or as sweet dish during festivities. In short, it provides the satisfaction of touch, taste, smell, and sight impeccably.

3) It gives you sound sleep

Rice has its share of health benefits too. From being gluten-free and no cholesterol, it does make good nutritious food. Besides, consuming little rice before dinner can give you a good sound sleep. Also, rice tends to remove dehydration in muscles in addition to curing leg pain.

4) Enriched with nutrients

Brown rice is known to be 100% whole grain, while white rice is enriched all the important nutrients such as folic acid and iron. It increases satiety and prevents you from consuming anything else.

5) Easy to digest

Do you know whole grains can be hard to digest if they are not prepared well? Herein, white rice comes across a good substitute that helps to solve chronic digestive issues. Besides, white rice is also included in the preparation of a variety of cuisines from steamed to fried food, thereby winning many hearts across the world.

So, if you too are wary about whether to add rice to your diet, there are here reasons that will make you include rice in your food.


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